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What is Jinga Gold?

The Jinga Gold is a T.V. program that broadcasted usually in Tanilnadu & Kannada region of India which promotes an Ayurvedic medicine to increase sex stamina & enhance the sexual life of the user called Jinga Gold Capsules.Jinga Gold Capsule is made by Reehaa Herbals which is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified company based in Chennai. You can see the Address in the last paragraph of this post.Jinga Gold Capsule

Benefits Of Jinga Gold Capsule

Jinga gold is said to be complete answer for all male sexual problems. Function as a sexual Stimulant for male, Improves blood circulation to penis, Good Antioxidant, Also support anti ageing,acts as anti-cancer and an & immunity booster.

  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation.
  • Enhancers fertility & youthful activity.
  • Increase Libido Strength & Stamina.
  • Complete Satisfaction by well being.
  • Long Action with the same intensity.

Jinga Gold Capsules improves Strength & Stamina, Vigor & Vitality, Enhanced Performance and Increases Power.

Side Effect of Jinga Gold Capsule

Jinga Gold capsules are totally herbal formulation that works without any side effects. However you should use any medicine according to doctor & expert advice.

People who use alcohol or wine can also use Jinga Gold Capsule with fear of side effect.

Ingredients Of Jinga Gold Capsule

Each 500 mg Jenga Gold Capsule contain

Botanical NameCommon NameQuantity 1 gram = 1000 mg
Mucuna PruritaKaunch BeejPoonaikali100 mg
Moringa PterygospermaMunaga, Munga AraSahijna100 mg
Strychnos PotatorumThetranThethankottai50 mg
Myristica FragransJatiphala, JavitriCathikkai50 mg
Withania SomniferaAshwagandhawinter cherry100 mg
Curculigo OrchioidesKali Musliநிலப்பனைக்கிழங்கு40 mg
Asparagus RacemosusSatawarதண்ணீர்விட்டான்50 mg
Acacia NiloticaKaruvelamSeemai Karuvelam08 mg
Gold LeafSonaThanga Rekku02 mg

Study of ingredients

How to use Jinga Gold?

Jinga Gold CapsuleJinga Gold comes in a form of vegetable capsules which is advised to take once a day after some time of food with warm milk. Your doctor can advice you to take more than 1 capsule based on your problem.

Jinga Gold Packing

Jinga Gold come in a pack of 4 capsule in a box.

How to order Jinga Gold?

Jinga Gold Capsule

Jinga Gold is available in all Apollo pharmacy & big medical shops in Tamilnadu, If you didn’t find it in your local you can order it online from the links below.



Jinga Gold Price

MRP for a pack of 4 capsule is Rs.630 in India. You can order it at discounted rate from Rs.400 to Rs. 600 from many online sellers. Please google it for current offers & discounts.

Manufacturer Of Jinga Gold

Reeha Herbals
No.  55 , Nalla Thambi Road
Anna Nagar Pammal
Chennai – 600075

Jinga Gold Contact Number. 044-31900772

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