Why Not 12 Cream Benefits Side Effects Uses

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Why Not 12 Cream Benefits Side Effects Uses

Why Not 12 Cream Benefits Side Effects Uses. In today’s modern era and hectic life, sexual problems are becoming a common problem in men, for the treatment of which many types of medicines and remedies are available in the market, which you can take with the advice of a doctor.

And in this article, we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this one medicine, Why not 12  cream, apart from how it is used and what precautions we should take while using it, we will also know in this article. .

Why Not 12 Cream Benefits Side Effects Uses
Why Not 12 Cream Benefits Side Effects Uses

Apart from this, we will also know about the benefits of why Not Capsule in this article.

What Is Why not 12  Cream?

Why not 12 Cream and Capsule is a cream and capsule falling under the category of allopathic medicine in which Ayurvedic medicines have also been used. And whose main use is to remove the erectile dysfunction, correct the blood effect of the penis and improve the size. Apart from this, there are other benefits of this, about which we will know in detail later. The manufacturer of Why not 12 Creams and Capsules is G Laboratories Company.

Why Not 12 Inches Cream Benefits

1.Why not 12 Cream is used by applying it on the genitals and it helps in the flow of blood in the veins and provides strength and strength to the penis.

2.It works to increase sperm count to increase temporary pleasure.

3.Why not 12 Cream helps in maintaining sexual arousal during intercourse.

Why not 12 Cream uses

4. Why not 12 Cream helps to increase the girth and thickness of the penis temporarily during use.

5. Ashwagandha extract and soybean oil have been used in Why not 12 Cream, which are helpful in prolonging the time during its use.

Other Benefits Of Why not 12 Capsule

Why Not Capsule helps in dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction. why Not Capsule improves blood flow, which helps in maintaining the sensation of the penis during intercourse. According to the information given on the pack of why Not Capsule, it works to increase the length of the penile argon and works to increase the strength of the genitals.

Why not 12 Cream Side Effects
  • No medical information is available or unknown about the side effects of Why not 12 Cream. But in some situations its side effects can be seen.
  • So let us know about the side effects of Why not 12 Cream.
  • Why Not Cream can be used in more than the prescribed quantity and in the wrong way, its side effects can be seen on the body.
  • Such a person who is suffering from a serious disease and uses it without the advice of a doctor, then in such a situation, its side effects can also be seen.
  • If it is used despite being allergic to any of the constituent ingredients present in Why not 12 Cream, it can lead to side effects.
  • Side effects can be seen even after using expired Why not 12 Cream.
  • if a person consumes Why Not Capsule after drinking alcohol, then in such a situation its side effects can also be seen on the body. Because it can mix with alcohol and have adverse effects on the body.

If any side effects are observed during the use of Why Not Cream, then contact the doctor immediately.

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