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High Quality Rose Water in India

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High Quality Rose Water in India

What is the Rose Water

Rose Water Is Made By Steeping Or Distilling Rose Petals In Water. Rose Water Is Used In Beauty Products, Perfumes And Also In Cooking – Especially In Middle Eastern Recipes.
When I Was In My Teens And Early 20’s, The Scent Of Roses In Any Skin Care Or Beauty Product Turned Me Off. I Assumed Rose-scented Products Were Only Meant For Women Over The Age Of 50. How Wrong I Was. The Smell Of Roses Is Such A Beautiful, Intoxicating Scent That Whispers Femininity. Rose Water in India .

Benefits Of Rose Water

1. Rose Water Helps Maintain The Skin’s Ph Balance, And Also Controls Excess Oil.
2. “Rose Water Has Anti-inflammatory Properties That Can Help Reduce The Redness Of Irritated Skin, Get Rid Of Acne, Dermatitis And Eczema. It Is A Great Cleanser And Aids In Removing Oil And Dirt Accumulated In Clogged Pores”, Says Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, Skincare Expert.
3. Rose Water Helps Hydrate, Revitalise And Moisturise The Skin Giving It With That Refreshed Look.
4. Due To Its Antibacterial Properties, Rose Water Also Aids In Healing Scars, Cuts And Wounds.
5. The Antioxidant Properties Of Rose Water Help To Strengthen Skin Cells And Regenerate Skin Tissues.
6. Due To The Astringent Like Properties It Possesses, Rose Water Helps Clean Pores And Tone The Skin. Applying Rose Water After Steaming Tightens Capillaries, Reduces Redness And Blotchiness.
7. The Aroma Of Roses Is Said To Be A Powerful Mood Enhancer. It Rids You Of Feelings Of Anxiety And Promotes Emotional Well-being, Thereby Making You Feel More Relaxed.
8. The Nourishing And Moisturising Properties Of Rose Water Enhance The Quality Of Hair. It Is Known To Treat Mild Scalp Inflammations And Get Rid Of Dandruff. Rosewater Works Wonders As A Natural Conditioner And Revitaliseshair Growth.
9. The Scent Of Rose Water On Your Pillow Also Helps You Sleep Better After A Long Day, Making You Wake Up Refreshed.
10. It Also Helps Aging Skin, Keeping Fine Lines And Wrinkles At Bay.

How to Use Rose Water

Rose Water Is Great For All Skin Types. It Has Gentle Anti-bacterial Properties To It And Can Help Relieve Redness And Inflammation In The Skin. This Makes It A Great Product To Use For Those Who Suffer From Acne, Chronic Redness, Or Have Sensitive Skin.  In Addition It Is Also Anti-inflammatory Making It A Great Product To Use For Instance After Shaving In Order To Soothe Skin.   It Won’t Dry Out Your Skin So It’s Also Beneficial For Those With Dry Skin, Too.
Fill A Pot With Fresh Rose Petals And Cover Them With Distilled Water. The Water Should Only Just Over The Rose Petals. Too Much Water And Your Rose Oil Will Be Very Diluted.
Cover The Pot, Turn To Fire To Low And Slowly Bring It To A Boil.
Turn Off Heat, Keep Cover On And Let Water Come To Room Temperature.
Once At Room Temperature, Strain Out Petals And Pour Into Clean, Sanitized Bottle. Put The Rose Water Into A Spritz Bottle And In The Morning Spritz Directly Onto Your Skin After Washing But Before Moisturizing. Rose Water Can Also Be Used To Set Your Make-up.  You Can Also Use As A Toner By First Applying The Rose Water To A Cotton Pad. Then Sweep Across Your Face.  If Your Skin Needs A Pick-me-up During The Day Spritz Any Time For A Hydrating Boost.  You Can Use It On Your Hair, Your Pillows Or Sheets, To Remove Make-up, And In Your Bath.

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