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Home Remedies To Make Penis Thicker And Longer

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Home Remedies To Make Penis Thicker And Longer

Home Remedies To Make Penis Thicker And Longer. It is a common concept among people that one should have bigger penis for better sex and self satisfaction to their partner. If we talk about the present time, there is a lot of curiosity about your penis size, especially among men. This is because he wants to give extreme pleasure to his partner during intercourse.

While some people who have small penis think about how to enlarge penis, people with thin penis wonder what they should do to make penis thicker. In this article, we will read what should be the normal size of penis. (Home Remedies to Make Penis Thicker and Lengthen) Does a bigger or smaller penis make a difference to the female partner What should be the size of the penis to satisfy a woman?

However, it has nothing to do with the size of the penis, but it depends on your sex drive. According to researchers, warming of the G-spot of the penis is necessary for sexual satisfaction of women. The G-spot is a point located in a woman’s vulva, which is considered the most excellent for women to arouse and indulge in pleasure.

In such a situation, the question arises in front of many men that what should they do to warm up this G-spot of women. Many men believe that men who have a thick penis easily heat up the G spot. Although there is no exact information available about it, but “how to make your penis thicker” or if you put it simply, how to make penis thicker and longer, are explained in detail in this article.

Home Remedies To Make Penis Thicker And Longer
Home Remedies To Make Penis Thicker And Longer

What is average penis size? what is the size of the penis?

According to the study done in men, the normal size of penis is as follows:

  • If the length of the penis without an erection in a man is 8.12 cm or 3.2 inches, then it is normal.
  • If your penis is 8.12 cm or 3.6 inches without an erection or erection, this is the average thickness of the average penis.
  • If your penis is 9.14 cm i.e. 5.1 inch with erection or erection, then this is average length.
  • If your penis is 11.46 cm i.e. 4.5 inches with stimulation or erection then this is normal thickness.

Does penis size matter for female partners?

There is always a fear in the mind of men regarding the size of penis whether they will be able to give sexual satisfaction to their wife or female partner. (London fattening remedy) During sex, most men get worried seeing their penis. In countries like India, Nepal, etc., the size of the penis is considered a symbol of self-confidence and masculinity, which is a misconception according to today’s society. The truth is that during sex, the female partner does not care about the size of the penis, but whether it can satisfy your partner or not.

Instead of focusing on the size of your penis, focus more on new technology. It has been observed that most of the men who have small penis, come under stress which affects their sex life as well. (Home Remedy for Thickening Apparatus) Being mentally stressed, men are at increased risk of sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, decreased sexual arousal etc. So don’t worry about the size of the penis, but a Consult a good doctor.

Penis Enlargement Method

There are many treatments available to enlarge the penis, but their effectiveness is always in doubt. However, with some changes in your lifestyle, you can easily make the penis bigger and bigger. To do this, you must do regular exercise along with a nutritious diet. Some of the natural penis enlargement exercises that help in thickening the penis are as follows:

Home And Ayurvedic Remedies For Penis Enlargement

There are many ways to enlarge the penis. In this article, we will tell you the methods that actually work or benefit. There are many medicines in Ayurveda that can help in enlarging your penis. This medicine basically corrects the blood flow around the penis, making your penis fully stimulated during sex. Along with this, if you pay attention to yoga and your food, then you can get more benefits. Be sure to consult a doctor before using any medicine.

Use Nutrients In Food To Make the Penis Thicker

To make the penis bigger and stronger, you should consume more and more nutrients in your food, you must include onions in your food every day, eating onions keeps your health good and up to your heart. Blood reaches completely.

Onion For Penis Size

By consuming more and more onions, the blood of the human body remains very thin, due to the presence of thin blood, there is an effect of blood in full quantity till the penis. Along with onions, pasta should also be consumed, by eating pasta, blood circulates in your body in more evidence, pasta contains a lot of carbohydrates, due to more evidence of carbohydrates in the body, your penis starts getting stronger. | It is said that drinking coffee is absolutely wrong, but by drinking coffee, your body gets maximum energy, if you drink too much coffee then it is also not good for the body. You should drink only a small amount of coffee, which will make your bed performance exactly like a horse.

Massage With Olive Oil

To lengthen the penis and make the penis strong, you should consume foods containing omega 3 fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids contain elements that improve blood circulation in the body, you always have fish, flax seeds, Walnuts, these substances should be consumed. Consuming these substances will not only help in making your penis strong, but your stamina will also easily increase by consuming omega 3 fatty acids.

Massage With Natural Mustard Oil

Massaging the penis with mustard oil strengthens the muscles of the penis, due to the strength of the penis muscles, your penis never sits while having sex, while massaging you should always take care that your semen does not come out. While massaging the penis with any oil, if semen comes out of your penis then there is no use, you should not let the semen come out from the penis.

Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine For Penis Enlargement

IH3 Capsule & IH4 Oil

You can use IH3 capsules and IH4 oil to enlarge the penis. It is herbal used from Ayurvedic herbs. By using which you do not have any side effects or harm. It is totally herbal. You start getting the result of this in the very first month itself. By using this you strengthen the nerves of the penis. There is a lot of tightness in the penis. Due to which the penis remains erect for a long time. And you can satisfy your partner. IH3 Capsule strengthens the penis from inside and makes the penis strong. Due to which blood circulation increases in the penis and makes the penis strong. IH4 oil works from the outside of the penis. Which strengthens the penis. And eliminates the looseness of the nerves. There is good tightness in the penis. With IH4 oil, you have to massage daily with light hands. And massage has to be done by taking 8 to 10 drops.

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