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How To Increase Sperm Count At Home

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How To Increase Sperm Count At Home

How To Increase Sperm Count At Home. By adopting home remedy tips to increase semen, men can overcome their impotence problems. Most men want to know how to increase semen, so there is a direct response to this, men troubled by infertility problems especially need to use indigenous methods and methods to increase semen . There are many reasons for adopting home remedies to increase semen for people with sexual weakness, due to which it is very popular even today. The main reason for adopting indigenous tips to increase sperm count is that there are no serious side effects by adopting these measures. Another advantage is that the semen enhancers are simple and inexpensive which you can use easily.

How To Increase Sperm Count At Home
How To Increase Sperm Count At Home

We all know that both women or men are not able to talk openly to any other person regarding their sexual weaknesses . In such a situation, native tips for semen are very useful for men. Today, in this article, you will get information on how to remove infertility in men and to increase the semen and how to use them.

Symptoms Of Low Sperm Count In Men

Generally, most men are not able to determine whether their sperm count is low or low. But here you are being informed of the symptoms that can be detected if the sperm count is low or normal.
Symptoms of decreased sperm count include difficulty during ejaculation , reduced sexual desire or erectile dysfunction, etc.
In case of low sperm count in men, respiratory infections and the smell of sperm may be reduced.


Lack of semen can cause hormonal changes in the body of men. As a result , there may be a decrease in the number of hairs.
If you are also facing similar situations then it is possible that you also need to adopt indigenous tips to increase semen. By adopting these, you can overcome these problems as well as regain your lost sexual power.

How Do I Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Studies show that sperm quality and fertility decline when semen volume in men decreases. But some people believe that home grown tips of semen are so effective that the rate of sperm count reduction can be reduced to 59.8% by adopting them. However, the reasons for the lack of sperm in the body of men are yet to be confirmed. Let us know in detail what are the native ways of increasing the sperm count.

Home Remedies To Increase Sperm Volume

If you are suffering from symptoms like sexual weakness or lack of semen, then you can adopt the easy methods outlined below. These methods help to make some common changes in your lifestyle and increase the quantity of semen. Such as:

Sleep & Exercise – Complete sleep and regular exercise are directly related to your sexual ability. Studies show that regular exercise and necessary rest are helpful in the growth of spermatocytes in the body of men. Therefore, all men should make proper rest and regular exercise a part of their daily lives to overcome semen deficiency.
Avoiding Narcotics – The main reason for the decrease in the quality and number of semen can be the consumption of high amounts of intoxicants. Therefore, as far as possible avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and other drugs or use them in very small amounts.
Proper intake of vitamin D and calcium – Vitamin D and calcium have an important role in increasing the number of semen in men . Vitamin D and calcium help in increasing the production of healthy semen.

Is Diet Helpful In Increasing Semen

Everybody wants to know which diet can help them to increase semen. Today most people are troubled by problems like low sperm count. In such a situation, they want to know the native tips of semen and the foods that are helpful in increasing the quantity and quality of semen in their body. The proper diet you take can help increase the number of semen. But this benefit can only be obtained by consuming foods rich in sperm nutrients with the right combination. Let’s know them.

Desi Berries To Increase Semen

Berries are one of the best edible fruits for growing sperm count. These types of fruits include fruits like strawberry, crabberries and blackberry. These fruits have high amounts of antioxidants . Apart from this, all these fruits are rich in Vitamin C , which helps in increasing the number and quality of sperm. Consuming these fruits regularly helps in maintaining the temperature of the scrotum for semen production. If you are also experiencing sexual weakness, then you can include these fruits in your diet as a homegrown tip for increasing semen.

Home Remedies To Increase Semen Tomatoes

For those who have a lack of semen or a low sperm count, tomatoes may be the best home remedy to increase semen. This is because tomatoes have an active ingredient called lycopene. This ingredient is effective as an essential antioxidant that helps improve the number and activity of sperm. As a way to increase semen, you can cook your meal with tomato and olive oil. This mixture is more effective in enhancing your sexual ability as it is helpful in absorbing all antioxidants.

Masoor Dal {Lentils} To Increase Semen Quickly

Lentil lentils are used as a staple food. But as a way to increase semen, intake of lentils is also beneficial. This is because lentils have a good amount of folic acid . Folic acid is an important nutrient for the fertility of men . It is one of the sperm count enhancing foods. If you are troubled by similar problem, then you can use lentil lentils in your daily diet as a native recipe for increasing semen.

Increasing Semen Unmistakable Green Vegetables

Fresh and especially green vegetables are very beneficial for increasing sperm count. This is because these green vegetables contain a good amount of folic acid. This folic acid helps in increasing the production of sperm. You can eat spinach , broccoli , green peas and other leafy vegetables as green vegetables in your diet . All these foods can be effective home remedies for infertility or semen deficient people.

Oysters For Increase Semen

If you are looking for home remedy tips to increase semen, then the Oyster may be beneficial for you. This is because oysters contain a lot of zinc . Zinc has a special role in increasing the sexual power of men and speeding up sperm production. By consuming sufficient amount of zinc, sperm can be protected from damage from free radicals. Since oyster is a good source of zinc, infertile men are advised to consume it. Apart from this, oyster is also a good source of orin and glycogen due to which it helps to stimulate the reproductive system. You can also include oysters in your diet as a native way to increase your sexual ability.

Home Remedies To Increase Sperm Sweet Potato

Consuming sweet potato regularly is one of the main ingredients of increasing semen. If the right amount and the right way is to consume sweet potato, it helps in enhancing the sexual health of men along with providing other health benefits. This is because sweet potato contains a chemical called beta-carotene. This chemical is an antioxidant in nature. Due to the presence of this component, men stimulate Reactive Oxygen Species in the body which helps in preventing sperm damage. You can also include sweet potato in your daily diet to increase your sexual health.

Olive Oil: Home Recipe For Increasing Sperm Count

Regular intake of olive oil helps in reducing cholesterol level . In addition, it is also helpful in increasing the blood flow in the testicles. This increases the chances of producing healthy sperm. Olive oil can increase both the number and quality of sperm effectively when consumed regularly. You can also include olive oil in your daily diet as a homegrown tip to increase sperm.

Desi Pumpkin Seeds To Increase Semen Quantity

Pumpkin seeds have good health promoting properties. These seeds contain a good amount of antioxidants and amino acids which are helpful in increasing testosterone , sperm count obesity and vitality levels in men . Pumpkin seeds, along with amino acids, also contain phytosterols, which are helpful in increasing fertility of men. You can consume pumpkin seeds raw or use them in different types of dishes, as a native to increase semen.

How To Increase Sperm In Semen, Eat Citrus Fruits

Sour fruits are very beneficial for men who are suffering from sexual problems like semen deficiency. Fruits like oranges and lemons have a good amount of vitamin C. Due to which they are effective in increasing both the production and the number of sperm in their body. Apart from this, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, which also helps in protecting the sperm from the damage caused by free radicals. You can also take regular consumption of citrus fruits as a home remedy to increase semen.

Semen Enhancer Ayurvedic Medicine Fenugreek

Consuming fenugreek regularly helps in reducing sexual desire of men and removing sperm deficiency. One study suggests that regular intake of extracts from fenugreek seeds for 12 weeks can increase the number of sperm and semen. You can also use fenugreek seeds and fenugreek water to treat your sexual weakness and infertility.

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