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Safed Musli

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Safed Musli Poweder

Safed Musli is a rare herb from India. It is used in traditional systems of medicine including Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. It is traditionally used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes, increase vitality, improving sexual performance, and for many other uses.

Safed Musli Poweder
Safed Musli Poweder

Uses Of Safed Musli

Today is also appearing in supplements promoted for bodybuilding.

This plant species is now an endangered species worldwide due to overexploitation.

Safed Musli Kayse Work Karti hai

Safed Musli contains chemicals that may have effects on the body. Animal research shows that could have anti-inflammatory effects. Animal research also shows that could increase sexual activity and possibly could have similar effects to testosterone. But this research is preliminary. No reliable research on people.

Safed Musli pant root
Safed Musli plant root

Safed Musli or Chlorophytum borivilianum is a generally white medicinal plant with small flowers, produced in scattered panicles up to 120 cm long. In some species of the plant, panicle also bears plantlets, which are rooted in the ground. Since time immemorial, root and tuber rhizome of the plant have been used for the purpose of curing human diseases and infections. Its use as an aphrodisiac effective agent has opened channels for commercial cultivation in a number of regions around the world. Its therapeutic and medicinal unprecedented properties have become a key ingredient in the preparation of a series of formulations Ayuvedic. It is also gaining greater importance as a health tonic, stimulating the body’s immune system generally. Grass grows naturally in the central parts of India, as the prevailing conditions of temperature and climate are not suitable for growth. Sandy loam soil with adequate drainage system is perfect for the growth of Safed Moosli. Due to the diversity of its medicinal benefits, the plant has been recognized as the sixth most important herb of Medicinal Plants Board, to be preserved and protected.

Uses & Benefits of Safed Musli

Safed Musli is a very popular aphrodisiac agent, with no side effects. It is often prescribed to enhance male potency and overcoming signs of fatigue. It is used especially for people with low sperm count and low libido.
It is also considered as an energy booster in asthmatic conditions. The roots of the herb are also used to strengthen the body’s immune system generally.
The roots of tubers of the plant have been used since ancient times to prepare nutritive tonic for sexual weakness and is used in Ayurvedic medicine, even today.
Safed Musli is useful as a nutritive tonic for both mother and fetus during pregnancy and is also used to replenish body fluids during the postpartum period.
The herb improves the quantity and flow of breast milk in feeding mothers.
It has many health promotional benefits. It is used to control and prevent obesity and its side effects.
Activities of vitamin C and also antioxidant enzymes are enhanced by the use of this plant species.
Research has indicated that the plant species used for curing diabetes and arthritic diseases.
Safed musli is also beneficial in the treatment of natal and postnatal problems.
Regular use leads to an increase in the level of high density lipoprotein (HDL the good cholesterol) and the decrease in plasma and hepatic lipid profiles.
Apart from rejuvenating the reproductive system, the herb prevents premature ejaculation and is also used in chronic leucorrhoea.

Dosage Of Safed Musli

The appropriate dose depends safed muesli various factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. Currently not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for Safed Musli. Note that natural medicines are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow the directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other health professional before use.

Safed musli Ka istemal or sex life

In Ayurvedic literature, Safed Musli is celebrated as a medicinal properties iqra herbal unprecedented. It is a main ingredient in the preparation of more than one hundred Ayurvedic formulations. In addition to its wide use in Ayurveda and other conventional medical systems in Asia, Safed Musli is also gaining increasing acceptance as a revitalizing tonic for health and giving a curative for pre-natal and post-natal problems, a restorative immunity improvement and as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis.

Next, the recent discovery of Safed Musli as a natural and safe aphrodisiac agent has also opened new avenues of application and new demand. By virtue of being a herb, Safed Musli found to be an aphrodisiac ideal without the negative side effects associated with chemical-based aphrodisiac. Realizing this, the Forest Development Corporation of Gujarat has recently launched a power Safed Musli based drug called Nai Chetna, which is gradually gaining acceptance as a superior Indian aphrodisiac herbal alternative.

Recent times have witnessed the resurgence of medicinal plants in human health care. The popularity spiraling health products derived from plants dates back to the arrival of “green health boom ‘worldwide.

Apart from its gradually increasing use in pharmaceuticals, pesticides and nutraceutical companies, medicinal plants are finding increasing use as raw material in various INDUSTRIES- cosmetics, detergents, dyes, insecticides, paints, etc. By virtue of being the home of Ayurveda, India has naturally been a huge market for Safed Musli. In addition, increased awareness and appreciation of the “natural goodness” of herbal products worldwide has driven demand for Safed Musli.

Many Gulf countries, Europe and USA have traditionally been the main importers of dried roots of Safed Musli for use in the manufacture of a wide range of herbal products.

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