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Sex Time Delay Spray In India

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Sex Time Delay Spray

Sex Time Delay Spray. There are many ways to treat the common condition of premature ejaculation and one of the most popular is delay ejaculation spray. If you have difficulty controlling when you ejaculate during sex, delay sprays can be a great way to increase your lasting time. Lasting longer during sex is not just wanted by men, women want a man who can give her long-lasting intercourse so that she can reach orgasm or better still multiple orgasms.

I personally had good results from using them back when I was really struggling with premature ejaculation. I liked the fact that you can get them discreetly without a prescription, and that they work without much effort on your part. All information is revealed in this article.


What Is Sex Time Delay Spray?

What Is Sex Time Delay Spray? It normally comes in a pump action spray canister or sometimes as a cream. More recently you can get it ready assembled inside a regular latex condom. If your condition is very severe then you can suffer from a huge loss of self-confidence. The delay products will not only make you last longer in bed but also give you some self-belief, knowing that when you have sex it won’t be over in seconds. The worst thing is that this can be a side effect.


The Truth About Delay Spray

The Truth about Delay Sprays – The Good, Bad and Horrible. Delay spray is used by thousands of men as a solution to premature ejaculation but does it work? Yes, it does but it’s not a miracle cure and it does have its bad points as well as good ones. The good thing about delay sprays. Not good but great in fact, they work and they work very well. A few sprays can have you lasting up to twenty minutes longer during sex. Another plus point about the delay spray is that your woman does not need to know about it. You can keep it hidden.

The Bad Thing About Delay Sprays.

The bad thing is they are not a permanent solution for premature ejaculation. The horrible thing about delay products. You can hardly feel anything while having sex because your penis is so numb. I used to use the spray every time I had sex, my wife had an orgasm each time and I ejaculated each time but there was no pleasure.

How Does It Work?

How Does Work Sex Time Delay Spray? It is work 100 %. These sprays contain a medical anesthetic which reduces slightly the sensation of touch. There are also herbal versions but these are useless so don’t waste your money! It contains a low-grade medical anesthetic. What happens is that you apply it and within 5 minutes you are ready to go. It takes the “edge” off your arousal so you don’t accidentally ejaculate too quickly. There is some reduced sensation but it is negligible so long as you don’t use too much.

How Long Can You Last?

How much time can you have sex with the help of spray? You can last as long as you want. In the past, I have used a lot of it and lasted too long – I got so tired that I could not go any longer! From this, you can have sex up to 20 to 25 minutes. when you use this amount of spray, it becomes quite hard to feel the great sensations of sex. Sure, you can still reach orgasm and ejaculation, but the journey there just wasn’t as good!

How to Last Longer During Sex

This article will show you 2 tips on how to last longer during sex and make sure she gets her orgasm. Men dream about being able to last for hours in bed but women don’t want that, all they want is for you to last long enough to make them orgasm. You got many things to increase sex time. Sex Time Delay Spray and Increase Sex Time Tablet.

2 Ways to Boost Stamina in Bed

1. Sex Time Delay Spray and Sex Time Delay Cream. For severe cases where fast results are needed the delay cream or delay spray is required, this will give instant results and add 10 minutes to your lovemaking. One way to boost sexual stamina quickly is to purchase a delay spray or a numbing cream to rub on the tip of your penis. This acts immediately to dull the sensitivity of your penis and in turn boost your sexual stamina.

Sex Time Delay Spray



Brands Sex Delay Spray Names.

Sex Spray Names




Promescent Sex Time Delay Spray3 pocket size bottlesLidocaine 10%$46.95
Viga 50000 Sex Delay Spray2 packLidocaine 10% & vitamin E$16.49
Stud 100 Sex Time Delay Spray1 PackLidocaine 9.6%$18.48
Super Dragon 6000 Sex Spray3 PackLidocaine 10% & vitamin E$21.47
Shibari Triton Sex Time Delay Spray1 BottleLidocaine 10%$18.21
 Adam And Eve Sex Spray1 BottleBenzocaine$12.02

How to Use Delay Sprays. How To Apply Sprays.

Take the bottle out of the box and shake a few times before use in order to mix the substances and form one. Apply pressure on the spray pump a few times. After the bottle starts releasing the formula, the solution should be ready to use.

To start with, just apply it on the head of your penis, maybe 3 or 4 sprays. Wait 5 minutes and then have sex. See how it goes. Find out which areas are the most sensitive on your penis and slowly start applying the product. Typically the frenulum and glans are the areas with the highest level of sensitivity and are frequently the most targeted. Apply the spray on top of the penis. If you want to use more, you can try spraying also on the shaft of your penis. Likewise, the solution can firstly be sprayed on the cotton wool pad and then be applied to the sensitive areas. Wait 5-10 minutes. Then you can have sex This increases your sex time from 10 to 15 minutes.

Side Effect Of Sex Delay Spray

If you use the spray to increase sex time, then you get lots of side effects from this. One of the common side effects of delay products is too much numbing. If the cream is too strong, or you put too much on, you may end up with reduced sensation. Using the spray can cause many side effects. Loss of erection, Loss of pleasure, Transference to your partner, ED Problem.

Sex Delay Tablet

If you want to increase sex time, then we tell you the best method for this. If you are one of the many men who cannot control ejaculation then please do not feel alone, stats show that up to 60% of men have this problem at some time in their life. The worst thing about premature ejaculation is the fact that it hurts your partner more than you. night king tablet is a best for long time sex.

Night Tablet

Night King Sex Tablet

Yes, every time your sex time long. This will make your sex time at least 1 to 2 hours long. And this is works 100%. This is 100% natural and its use no side effect. 100% guaranteed money back guarantee.

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