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Stud 1000 Spray Benefits And Side Effect

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Stud 1000 Spray

Benefits And Side Effect About Stud Spray

Best Long Time Sex Spray Stud 1000 Spray Benefits And Side Effect. The stud spray company has lots of sprays. Which are used to increase sex time? The stud spray company has lots of sprays. Which are used to increase sex time?such as Stud 100, Stud 1000 Spray and Stud 5000 spray. these are the best for increasing sexual stamina.Stud spray is an essential spray that is best for the problem of premature ejaculation.these sprays are very powerful for sexual stamina.So today we talk about Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud Sprays are the effective product for men to overcome the problem of early ejaculation & to maximize the pleasure of sexual intercourse.Stud Spray decrease the sensitivity of the penis & maintain your sexual excitement for long let’s go to know about stud spray.Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud 1000 packing
Stud 1000 Spray

Stud 100 Spray

The Stud 100 is the best solution for cure premature ejaculation for a man that applied to the penis about 20 to 25 minutes before is a unique formula who help to increase sexual stamina and absorption of lidocaine.It has been selling since the year 1970.It has been developed in a certified UK factory according to good is available without a prescription.

Stud 100 is a leading ” treatment” to the sexual problem. it is 100% work.and the manufacturer of stud 100 says that is 100% safe when you apply 3 to 5 spray.Stud 100 spray comes in the of a topical medicine that is applied to the pennis about 10 to 20 minutes before starting of sex. when you use this spray so it reduces the is a perfect solution of premature ejaculation.Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud 100 Spray Benefits

  • Help to increase sex power at night on bed
  • help to Avoid premature ejaculation
  • give the confidence and help to make a happy sexual life.
  • guaranteed spray for early discharge problem.
  • increase sex timing up to half hour.

Stud 1000 Spray

Stud 1000 spacially make for help to cure PE (premature ejaculation) who improve your sexual stamina and get help to delay ejaculation.this is world’s most popular and effective product who sell last many years.if you are searching for best spray who help to reduce your penis sensitivity. so Stud1000 is safe and work.stud 1000 spray help to last longer in bed. it can help to delay ejaculation and boost sexual power.Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud 1000 Spray Benefits

  • apply it 15 minutes before sex.
  • non-harmful for you and your sex partner.
  • 100% safe ingredients used in this.
  • improve your sexual stamina
  • avoid premature ejaculation
  • last longer every night.

Stud 5000 Spray

Stud 5000 Delay Spray     . Yas Stud 5000 Spray is the best spray for your Sexual Stamina who Help to Last Longer in bed.The Stud 5000 make with 100% safe formula. It increases your Sexual Power And Sexual Duration.STUD 5000 Spray is World most popular delay spray.When you use this spray, So it makes the penis numb. By which ejaculation stops and you can enjoy sex for a long time.In this, Lidocaine is used an extensively.You can also use condoms with this.Stud spray is a desensitizing spray which reduces numb and increases sex time (Premature Ejaculation).

Nowadays there are many such products available on the market. The medicines that make this will increase your sex time to lifetime. But they all lie because there is no such medicine that raises sex time for the lifetime.This spray is such that whenever you have sex for a long time, so you can use this spray.Let me tell you before giving all the information about Stud 5000 Spray if you want to use this, then first consult your doctor about it.because it’s numb your penis.And you also need to know about the review of this. It will be better for you to know about this review.Often people have a lot of questions about this product. for example is that safe? and how to use stud 5000 sprays? benefits of stud 5000 Delay is available in two flavors mango and strawberry.

Advantages / Benefits Of Stud 5000

  • You can also use it with condoms.
  • Help To increase sexual stamina and Sexual power
  • clinically safe medicine.
  • guaranteed spray for premature ejaculation.
  • it is very affordable.
  • safe and easy to use.
  • it is very helpful cureLow Sexual Power
  • cash on delivery available In India.

How Does It Work Stud 5000 Spray?

The manufacturer says that it’s totally safe medicine. there are no any other harmful effects.stud 5000 spray spacially make for the man who helps to delay ejaculation. this is for external use only. When you use Stud 5000, it reduces the sensitivity of the penis.Or say that they numb the penis. who help to last longer in bed.The producer says that this does not reduce sex feeling.

Ingredients Of Stud 100,1000 And 5000 Delay Spray.

The information of Ingredients used in this is given very short. The Ingredient of stud 5000 is Lidocaine Topical Aerosol.  according to Web Md Lidocaine commonly used on the skin for stop pain and itching, for example, scrapes.there are many side effects of this, Peeling skin with a fiver or without fiver, very bad numbness, slow heartbeat.Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud Spray Delay Side Effect

After studying from a lot of places, it has been found that there may be a lot of side effects from this. for example………….

  • The use of this reduces the erection of the penis.
  • It also reduces the sexual pleasure.
  • And the biggest side effect of this, it makes the penis numb when you use this.
  • reduce sexual feelings.
  • it reduces the testosterone level

How To Use Sex Spray

  • wash the penis before use.
  • apply before sexual intercourse ( Before 5  to 10 Minute).
  • dosage 3 to 5 sprays to the head of the penis.
  • don’t use more than 5 sprays.
  • and wash this after intercourse.

Sex Spray Stud Spray Price In India And How To Order

The price is different on different websites.and you can order in is available in cash on delivery.Stud Spray Use And Side Effect.

Stud  100


Rs. 2,199
Stud 1000


Rs. 139
Stud 5000



First of all, let me tell you that if you use the spray to increase sex time, then it’s very dangerous for you and your partner.

Alternative Of Stud 5000 Spray

NightKing Delay Liquid

Night King Long Time Sex Tablet


Rs. 1,500

· help to increase sexual stamina and power in bed

· best for premature ejaculation

· easy to use

· you can use daily

· Money Back Guarantee

· No Side Effect




· you can use it daily

· help to last longer in bed

· affordable and safe

· improve sexual power

· Some Side effects

Why Not 12 Delay Spray

Why Not 12 Delay Spray



· Boost Sexual Stamina

· Increase Sex Timing And Power

· help to cure Premature ejaculation

· Some Side effects

Stud Spray


Quick result


Better sensation


Erection quality


Sex time increase



  • Numbs well
  • Quick result
  • Last for hours
  • Good price


  • No quantity meter
  • Not for oral sex
  • Strong chemical smell
  • Lidocaine based
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