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Female ejaculation

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How can I make my partner squirt when we have sex? 

female ejaculation
female ejaculation

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Female ejaculation, or squirting, is where a woman emits a clear fluid during orgasmic contractions. It’s incredible to see and most men love evidence of female orgasm. It’s important to know that a partner can’t “make” a woman squirt. Just typing that last phrase of making someone experience something sexual is filled with pressure and expectation for all parties involved. Be careful about making this squirting desire about you and your needs, rather than hers. Make it a no-pressure, individual/couple exploration and for the pursuit of pleasure and relational enhancement.

How To Ejaculation in Female

Let’s say you and your female partner both want to add squirting to your sex life. It’s important to note that not all women can squirt, so temper any unrealistic expectations and explore for the pleasure rather than the accomplishment. Some women try and try but discover it’s not the way their body is built, and that’s OK. That doesn’t mean they’re broken or not good enough as a woman or lover. Most men weren’t built to last 45 minutes in bed or bench-press 250 pounds, and that says nothing about them as a lover or a man either. This is simply the way our bodies work.

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