Revand Toothpaste

Revand Toothpaste

Revand Toothpaste
Revand Toothpaste For Strength and Shine Teeth

From modern research this has been concluded that Rheum emodi (Revand Cheeni) is an effective antiseptic medicinal herb. After prolong research Hamdard has included Revand in toothpaste. Its other herbal ingredients give strength and shine to the teeth.

Use of Revand Toothpaste twice a day makes your teeth and gums strong, healthy and bright.

Each 100 gm contains:

D. I. Water34.20 gm
Calcium Carbonate32.00 gm
Sorbitol 7018.00 gm
Sodium Lauryle sulphate02.20 gm
Aerosil-20002.00 gm
Methylcellulose 7MF01.75 gm
Aroma No. 786-A00.68 gm
Salicylic acid00.50 gm
Titanium Dioxide00.40 gm
Revand powder00.30 gm
Sod. Saccharin00.30 gm
Irgasin DP-30000.10 gm
Methyl Paraben00.10 gm
Sodium Monofluorophosphate00.10 gm
Zine Citrate00.10 gm
Propyl Paraben00.05 gm
Sod. Hydroxideq.s.
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