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Sex Oil

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Sex Oil

The name is blunt: Sex Oil based in Toronto, Province Apothecary not hide behind any vague adjectives or cute jargon. It is as clear as the list of oil ingredients, mixing coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, GMO free vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract. Sex So oil is distinguished from commercial lubricants available that many on the market contain preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colors and more. It is not just a concern for those who have sensitive skin, but recent studies show that synthetic lubricants chemicals could potentially increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections, and even cause damage to cells.

sex oil
sex oil

“I started doing oil sex because I suffer from many allergies and wanted to find something fun for the bedroom would be an oil wonderful and massage, and not crowded irritating or synthetic chemicals,” founder Province Apothecary Julie Clark says CH . “So I started playing with oils, I really started using this mixture as a summer body oil before it enters the room.” (Clark still using oil sex as a light body oil after shower or beach.)

A Halifax, Nova Scotia native who spent some time in New York and moved to Toronto for almost four years, Clark says the Canadian climate has had a huge impact on his creation of the province of apothecary. “Because it is so dry and cold, I started doing a cleansing oil, balm face and products like mask versatile clay. You can use them with different ingredients in the summer and winter to help your skin My approach I was also trying to find and use raw materials from Canada. ” This includes not only honey and beeswax from the farmers market, but also sweet grass and sage First Nations, Nova Scotia and even algae.

“The oil sex is totally out of nowhere to a line goes with my philosophy, pure natural, non-toxic, non-irritating,” she says. “It’s for other sensitive people who can not use shea butter, glycerin, harsh preservatives, irresistible fragrance and any toxic ingredients. We are using the most delicate parts of our body and therefore we want softer product ever.”
After pouring a little oil Sex in our hands, we immediately realized that there was no fragrance. The consistency of the mixed product is not as thick as olive oil; while adding perceptible skin mildness and decreased friction, sex oil is dried in a satin-finish non-greasy. It is a light but strong moisturizer that can be used anywhere on the body (hydrated kept our hands the day), and need not be washed. It is important to note that oils can weaken latex condoms and cause it to break, but can be used safely with condoms made of plastic or lambskin.

Clark is a certified professional aromatherapy and holistic health who knows a lot, be sure to review all its product range, from the Cure Eczema Balm roll-on fragrances based therapeutic essential oils. Clark also donates a percentage of its sales to support two different organizations, Canadian Organic Growers and-aka Canadian farmers Council honey and bees.

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