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Patanjali Maha Sudarshan Vati For Swine Flu

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Patanjali Maha Sudarshan Vati

Swine Flu maha sudharshan vati
Treat For Swine Flu

Patanjali Maha Sudarshan Vati :-

पतंजलि महा सुदर्शन वटी :

Mahasudarshan Vati is Alternative, Anti-pyretic in visham jwar (intermittent fever) and all types of fever.

महासुदर्शन वटी इस वैकल्पिक, विषम ज्वर (मियादी बुखार) में विरोधी ज्वरनाशक और बुखार के सभी प्रकार के।

Mahasudarshan tablet Indications:- Fever,Prophylaxis of swine flu,Viral fever

Mahasudarshan Vati Dosage : 1 to 2 tabs with warm water three times a day.

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