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Rooh Afza Recipes Book

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Rooh Afza Recipes Book

Rooh Afza Recipes Book
Rooh Afza Recipes Book

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Tommy Miah

Tommy Miah, born on March 28 1959, in Mouivibazar village in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, arrived in Britain at the age of 10, not speaking a word of English.  Lonely and bewildered at primary school in Birmingham, where despite a multi-ethnic mix no-one spoke or understood his native tongue, he progressed to a local secondary school but had no interest in lessons and left as soon as possible.
An interest in food drew him into the catering business.  Without capital, formal training, or family background to rely on, he started at the very bottom.  A combination of ability, self-reliance and determination quickly led to his first business — a simple “take-away” — and he was soon seeking wider horizons and a bigger challenge.
Despite starting at 16 as a lowly kitchen porter, washing dishes and cleaning, he has done much to heighten awareness of ethnic food — and Bangladeshi cuisine in particular — since moving to Edinburgh 20 years ago.
He delivered a curry lunch-box to 10 Downing Street for Prime Minister John Major’s 50th birthday.  He produced the world’s largest curry, big enough to feed 10,000, developed dishes for top-class manufacturers, started a world wide competition to promote innovation and quality in Asian cuisine, has written cookery books, and was the first person to make Indian meals available on airline flights world wide.
He supports the Dhaka orphanage founded by British Airways hostess Pat Kerr, giving it profits from the annual Curry Ball linked to his International Indian Chef of the Year contest.  He helped equip the kitchen and flew from Edinburgh to Bangladesh to cater for Pat’s wedding there.
He founded the prestigious Raja restaurant in Edinburgh, has catered for high profile functions, given cookery demonstrations, and gusted as a special-event chef at top venues such as Gleneagles Hotel.  Marketing activities cover Indian restaurants throughout Britain, for such essentials as rice, chutneys, pickles, Indian beer, and a range of wines selected by experts to accompany Indian food.
Tommy produces his own spicy mango chutney and has developed a range of curry sauces, for an international manufacturer. He has produced cookery books for various charities.  One has a foreword by Sarah, Duchess of York and the latest, in which celebrities name their favorite curry, has a foreword by HM The Queen.   Zee T.V. broadcast a profile of Tommy’s life and work in 1998 and BTV is broadcasting a 24 part series called “Tommy Miah’s Kitchen”.
Tommy master-minded Britain’s first indian-themed hotel, the Original Raj Hotel in Edinburgh, opened by Lady Shakira Caine, wife of film star Sir Michael Caine.  The furniture was specially made in Jaipur, with fabrics and crockery from Bangladesh.  A five-foot high white marble elephant, a replica of one guarding the Maharajah of Jaipur’s palace, stands outside to welcome guests.
In 2005, Tommy further extended his Bangladesh-based business interests with the launch of One Consumer Products bringing under one roof the Best of Bangladesh from original spices to fashion, textiles and household goods.
His work for charities, both in Bangladesh and the UK, includes Cancer Research UK, Shishu Polli (Sreepur Village), Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP), ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital.
Becoming Brand ambassador of Ruh Afza Tomoy Miah wishes to create an awareness of taking herbal drink in daily life among his fan and admirer. Tommy Miah also created some exiting colorful mouth watering drink recipe using Ruh Afza.
Please click here to congratulate Tommy Miah for his drink recipe innovation!!


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