Zandu Pancharishta

Zandu Pancharishta

Zandu Pancharishta
Zandu Pancharishta

[schema type=”product” name=”Zandu Pancharishta” description=”Zandu Pancharishta is a unique Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. It acts on the entire digestive system, building digestive immunity and reducing the recurrence of digestive problems like acidity, gas, indigestion, flatulence and constipation.” brand=”Zandu” model=”ZP2″ single_rating=”6.7″ agg_rating=”898″ price=”Rs.52.00″ ]

Each 100 ml is prepared from: Draksa , Kumari: 2.5 g each, Dashmoola: 2.0 g, Asvagandha Satavari : 1.0 g each, Triphala: 0.6 g, Guduci, Bata, Yasti :0.5,Trikatu, Trijat :0.3 g each, Arjuna, Lodhra, Manjistha 0.2 g each, Ajamoda, Dhanyaka, Haridra, Sati, Sveta, Jiraka, Lavanga 0.1g each.
Mix 2 Tablespoons (30ml) with equal quantity of water, take twice regularly after meals, or as advised by physicians. Diabetics to consult a physician before consumption.

1000 years of time tested solution

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    Wow, I’m really surprised I haven’t seen this amazing site earlier because it is awesome.

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