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Green Tea Benefits

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Stay Healthy and Look Beautiful With Green Tea

Have you ever met someone who does not want to look good? Of course not, because everyone wants to look great and beautiful. You must have met many people who spend thousands to look good and enhance their beauty. Mostly women do. However, most of them do not realize the fact that they can not look good from the outside, unless they are healthy from the inside. Being healthy from the inside inner health and fitness means that brings glow to your face.

Green Tea ke Faide

Green Tea Benefits
Green Tea Benefits

Significantly, eating and drinking things that are abundant in the natural goodness and provide food which in turn helps keep us healthy. One of these drinks is green tea. This herbal drink is very popular nowadays due to its many health miracles. Drinking green tea can greatly affect health and well-being of the drinker. This drink also helps improve your beauty. There are many who still have not realized the benefits to the health and beauty of this natural drink. This short article is aimed at revealing health benefits and beauty of green tea.

Antioxidants Power in Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants that help the body fight disease and stay strong. Nobody wants to take the risk of disease, as it not only weakens our body, but also forces us to take drugs to stay healthy and fit. Green tea is a completely natural antioxidants to flush out of our body shape. If you drink a cup of green tea a day, then there are chances that you may become less sick compared to those who do not.

Weight Loss Help

It is known to promote weight loss as it helps in improving your metabolic rate. When the metabolic rate increases, the body is able to burn more calories and this allows you to lose weight easily. Drinking a cup of green day by day is much better than taking drugs or weight loss pills and tablets etc later create other complications. Start taking green tea a day without sugar to feel good and lighter.

Stress Remove

Green tea also helps you feel stress free and relieved. It makes you feel cool and calm. Ultimately, you stay physically and mentally healthy. With lots of stresses and strains, will be at risk of developing serious health problems and physical appearance will suffer. Green tea is therefore a good source of development and maintenance of physical and mental health.

Eye Dark Circle

Those with dark circles can make use of used green tea bags. They can put them under the eyes. You can place them for a few minutes as it helps relieve stress and provide freshness.
You can enjoy cold and hot green tea. You can add lemon juice or honey to add to your liking. These ingredients also help weight loss and improved cardiac function. Therefore, it is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. This helps shed pounds and removes all impurities and antioxidants your body making you fit and healthy.

Green Tea Saves the Boobs

The new research shows that green tea may limit the invasiveness of malignant cells of breast cancer through its polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which induce programmed cancer cells (apoptosis) death. EGCG induced a 24-28% reduction in invasion and polyphenols decreased 15-23%, depending on the dose administered.

This could be one explanation of why the epidemiological investigation revealed a lower incidence of breast cancer in green tea consumed by Asian countries compared with European countries. The extracted phytochemicals in green tea could be combined with chemotherapy to ensure complete success against breast cancer.

Research published previously by the same group showed that the green tea can delay the onset and reduce tumor size existing, by inhibiting their growth and induction of cell death.


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