Areca Nut, Betel Nut – Supari, Chaali – Kramuka,Ghonta

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Areca nut catechu Linn Pennel

Areca Nut, Betel Nut


English name: Areca Nut, Betel Nut
Hindi name: Supari; Chaali
Sanskrit name: Kramuka; Ghonta
Latin name:Areca catechu Linn Pennel

A medium sized straight unbranched tree cultivated in southern states of India for the nut which is used as a masticatories and in spices. The nut is endowed with medicinal properties too.


Kramuka finds its commonest use in mouth freshener formulations in India through aegis. Its use has also been recommended in the prevention and treatment of obesity. It improves salivation (Sialagogue). Nutritional analysis of the nuts suggests it to be a richest source of organic chromium salts. The role of chromium in the metabolism of fat has been well established now through various studies.

Chemical composition

Areca nuts contain a large number of amino acids. Arecoline has been isolated from the nuts. They also contain catechin, epicatechin,sitosterol, leukocyanidins and tannins.

Effect on dosha

Balances kapha and pitta

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